We have always dreamt about creating an elegant and soft piece of clothing for our dog - a piece which would resemble the ones which our grandma prepared for her dogs.

The things we found in shops lacked in many elements: they were made of faux materials, and their appearance wasn’t appealing. We decided to create our own collection which would consist of practical and unique wool products.

"We wanted dogs to enjoy the pieces we designed"

WOOLDOG is a brand which offers hand-knitted sweaters, blankets and cowls which are created of real wool. This valuable material is well-known for its characteristics: it is elastic, anti-allergic and unbelievably soft.

Every product is manually prepared in our workshop by traditional Polish artisans which inherited the knitting wisdom and skills from their ancestors.

Dogs just love our wool clothes, and they show it. And it is the most important thing for us - their owners.




Images from our latest Wooldog photo-shoot session taken at our workshop interiors.

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We also invited a film crew to our photo-shoot session.

It wasn’t easy to follow our four-legged friends for the whole day, but the efforts resulted in this wonderful Wooldog video :)