Dogs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You can choose between ordering handcrafted REGULAR or INDIVIDUAL size sweaters.

REGULAR SIZE SWEATERS are hand-knitted strictly under worldwide standarised sizes and dedicated to particular dog breeds that are described in "REGULAR SIZE CHART" below.

INDIVIDUAL SIZE SWEATERS are hand-knitted under four specified dimensions provided by client. In order to order such sweater, you must proceed to chosen product and click INDIVIDUAL SIZE button. When choosing this option you can be assured that the sweater will fit your dog perfectly.

Therefore wool is so elastic material that you should not have any problems fitting a sweater to your dog.

Please read all size charts for the best fit. If you need assistance about sizing, contact us prior to purchase at for assistance.  Please keep in mind there are no standard sizing for specific breeds, all dogs in the same breed will have different measurements.

If you are unsure about the size, feel free to ask us first. We encourage you read all relevant product descriptions, size charts, and always measure your pet accurately before you make a purchase.


Regular Size Sweater


Individual Size Sweater