Wooldog CHUNKY ROSEBUD Burgundy

89 €

Chunky, natural, handmade blankets are the real treat for your dog! In two shades - silver grey and deep burgundy


Wonderfully plush, ultra-soft, gently in touch and amazingly warm blankets for your dear dog. It’s the ideal decorative addition for your indoors, where your little friend loves to stay! Perfect for long evenings during the period of autumn and winter. It will warm you up, too!

Treat your dog with these lovely natural blankets with a unique feature – they are hand-knitted and reversible! Now available in two shades – burgundy and grey.

To enhance the natural richness of your distinctive interior, the blanket theme features special colors and variations.

Feel free to reach for an original blanket during winter nights or for keeping company while napping. Beautiful inspirations created to face the highest needs!