Wooldog Supreme Royal Emerald

99 €

The Supreme sweater by WOOLDOG is made of 100% top quality pure merino wool.

OR if your dog needs other size please choose:
Swarovski Crystal 

The unique Wooldog Supreme Sweater will provide your four-legged friend with a pleasant warmth and a sense of security. The soft wool will wrap itself around the dog like a blanket and the beautiful color will make your pet look very trendy.

The Supreme Sweaters are made from passion and love for dogs. We put every bit of our knowledge and experience, as well as a piece of heart, into each sweater’s making so that our complete products can give joy both to dogs and their owners. Each sweater is made from the high-quality merino wool, whose fibers are so valuable that they are treated as national treasures in Argentina, New Zealand or Italy and kept in safe deposits specially designed for this purpose.

The merino wool is a material like no other - it is incredibly warm, soft and breathable - it guarantees perfect airflow without temperature loss. This fantastic wool is antiseptic and resistant to both creases, as well as stains.

The merino wool Supreme Sweater gets dirty significantly slower than conventional dog sweaters because of its incredibly thin fibers - up to 3 times thinner than human hair. The Supreme Sweaters are hand-knitted - each product is created with extreme attention and care for the future users.


The sweater’s emerald color is a reference to royalty - it is associated with nobility and sophistication. The weave, which resembles a cereal ear corresponds to the greenish-brown grass which grows in the mountain regions of New Zealand, a real delicacy for the merino sheep. A dog tucked in the Supreme Sweater will once again love the moments spent in the fresh air by feeling comfortable regardless of weather conditions.


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Product is hand-knitted in our workshop by artisan women



With every ordered Wooldog sweater you will receive 1 hour of free phone consultations with our specialized and certified dog behaviourist if your dog has problems with wearing clothes.


With every ordered Wooldog sweater you will receive a certificate of authenticity confirming that the product is hand-knitted.